MOTIMAC-X3 metal grinding machine

MOTIMAC-X3 series: perfect surface, uniform deburring and edge chamfering


As a platform for displaying the achievements of intelligent transformation and upgrading of international industrial production in Asia-Pacific and for communication and cooperation, Qingdao International Machine Tool Exhibition focuses on international market demand and will be held at Qingdao International Expo Center from June 26 to 30. 

Digital intelligence empowers and gathers momentum for win-win results. MOTIMAC is at booth B127 in Hall S3 and looks forward to discussing new technology trends with you.




Synergy between grinding and sanding

     As a high-tech enterprise in the field of grinding and sanding, MOTIMAC has a wide range of brand awareness in the woodworking machinery industry. It has established cooperation with more than 95% of domestic high-end home furnishing companies and is a domestic sanding equipment technology leader.MOTIMAC is at the forefront of the industry in the field of grinding technology. With innovative grinding solutions and continuous breakthroughs in material science, it sets industry standards and creates new heights of extreme surface treatment, making it the uncrowned king in the field of grinding. At the Shanghai CNC Machine Tool Exhibition (CCMT) on April 8 this year, MOTIMAC displayed the MOTIMAC-X3 series of metal grinders in the W2 hall. Among them, the CN5U and CN6U systems with utility model patents are at the forefront of the industry in the field of metal surface analysis and processing capabilities, and received widespread attention from domestic and foreign customers during the exhibition.



Challenges from the metal and new materials industries

Sheet metal deburring has now become almost a standard in the sheet metal processing industry. The existing technology on the market can deburr the sheet metal, unevenly process the edges and chamfers. For modern enterprises with industrial integration, these are far from meeting the requirements. The edges and corners should have the same and stable quality as the surface.



Innovative patent for superior grinding trajectory

Fine surface effects and smooth edges require the correct grinding trajectory, so the equipment must process the workpiece with the same frequency and intensity as the surface. In response to your needs, MOTIMAC has developed a new patented CN5U to design the optimal grinding trajectory. At the same time, the utility model CN6U patent has been added and developed, which can chamfer evenly and densely, and the workpieces in all directions can be processed with the same intensity, which is not achievable by any other process on the market. At the same time, the rotation speed, cycle speed, and feed speed are all steplessly adjustable.



Full process modularization becomes the focus

The MOTIMAC-X3 series is a fully modular system suitable for all metal dry processing and can be adapted to the individual needs of various industries, with huge market potential. This series can remove burrs, chamfer edges, remove slag and oxides, and obtain a perfect surface finish as required. This is a series of extremely cost-effective innovative products for the metal processing industry with multiple requirements.


Technological innovation is not only applied in the field of sheet metal processing, but also in the surface treatment of sheet metal in the non-metallic materials industry. Our customers can benefit from it in various fields.


Global service and spare parts supply network

The quality of equipment and excellent grinding results are crucial. The global service and spare parts supply network established by MOTIMAC with 25 years of industry accumulation can effectively empower the wood and new materials industries and is your reliable grinding and sanding equipment service provider.


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