European Business Trip

On May 13, 2023, MOTIMAC's technical team and sales team embarked on a 20 day European business trip.

First we visit the 2023 LIGNA Exhibition in Hanover, Germany. At the exhibition, we saw new technologies in the industry and new trends in the development of wood working machinery.

Then we visit our supplier FLEX TRIM in Denmark. FLEX TRIM's frosted components can improve the sanding effect by 50%, with an ultra-long durability of up to 600 hours. Quality is the core competitiveness of MOTIMAC, and it is precisely the careful screening and strict requirements for each component that have created MOTIMAC's high-quality brushing sander.

At last we visited our customers in Europe and through business meeting, we learned about new market trends and demands, we will provide the best sanding solutions for customers.

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