Standard Planer Sander

Standard Planer Sander

Applicable to all kinds of solid wood splicing panels


The segmented pad pressing shoe system can ensure the good passage of thick panel, narrow panel and short panel.

Speedy, and quick replacement of cutters.

 Can be both plane and sand or either plane or sand

Sanding effecf

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Standard Planer Sander

Standard Planer Sander

Standard Planer Sander

Automatic edge-finding function

Photoelectric control  Achieve the natural sanding effect.  

10'' touch display

Simple and intuitive, convenient and fast.

Siemens electrical components

Stable and reliable;  
Stronger Compatibility

Standard Planer Sander

Standard Planer Sander

Standard Planer Sander

Lifting system 

Adopts a built-in ball screw;  
Increated service life 10 times ;  
Increated precision 25 times. 

Double row chain sprocket

Military industrial enterprise produced;  
Increated service life 3 times ;
Wears less, high precision;

Opitbelt transmission belt

Installed with tapered sleeves  
Easy to disassemble, high balance, and avoid
vibration caused by pulleys.

Standard Planer Sander

Standard Planer Sander

Standard Planer Sander

German Conveyor belt

3 times friction than that of ordinary belts;
Not easy to warp or deform.

Energy-saving conveyor belt cleaning system 

Maintains the friction coefficient and sanding 
accuracy of the conveyor belt.

Non-independent suspension

Ultra-thick material detection device The detection accuracy can reach 0.1mm.


WT KRC1300砂架结构图.png

Technical Parameters

Technical DataWT KRC1300WT KRC700
Max working length(mm)1300700
Min. working length(mm)490390
Working thickness(mm)10-15010-150
Feeding Speed(m/min)5-245-22
Total Power(kw)7735
Belt size(mm)1350x2620730x1900
Overall Dimensions(mm)2235x3050x26001580x2700x2220
Net Weight(kg)5500

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