The 4th Vietnam BIFA Woodworking Machinery Exhibition
On August 9th, MOTIMAC went to Vietnam to participate in the 4th Vietnam BIFA Woodworking Machinery Exhibition.

As a newly emerging "world factory", Vietnam's economy has entered a period of rapid growth. In recent years, the development of Vietnam's furniture manufacturing industry has led to a demand for wood and woodworking machinery equipment. However, its industrial foundation is weak and it relies heavily on imports. The Vietnam Machinery Exhibition attracted exhibitors from countries and regions such as China, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Spain, and Taiwan. It is an entry point for Chinese enterprises to enter the Vietnamese and even Southeast Asian markets.

At this exhibition, MOTIMAC’s star products MT Segmented Pad Sander and Primer Sander have attached a lot of attention, show the advanced technology and stability quality of our machine.


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