Shanghai International Furniture Machinery& Woodworking Machinery Fair

At this exhibition, MOTIMAC showed a variety of sanding machine products and fully displayed innovative technologies and the latest technical solutions at the [7.1C72] booth. The unprecedented preferential policies brought a brand new exhibition feast to the visitors.


 At the exhibition, MOTIMAC MT segmented pad sander demonstrated its powerful performance in panel surface treatment. It is easy to operate, has high investment cost-effectiveness and long service life. It fully meets the home furnishing production industry's high-end customized process requirements, attracting many customers to come and experience the artistic charm of sanding brought by MT on creative wood veneer.


 The powerful function of MOTIMAC Sander has given unlimited possibilities to products in high-end customized fields such as excimer skin-feel boards, wood veneers, multi-layer boards, and floors, making the surface effects of creative veneers and other boards shine, fully interpreting people's pursuit of exquisite quality lifestyle. It gained high popularity during the exhibition and presented users with a brand new sanding experience.

 The professional explanations of the sales team allow users to experience more closely the infinite possibilities of MOTIMAC Equipment in wood veneer sanding, and demonstrate the genes of high-end customization from the touch and craftsmanship details, which has won the recognition of many high-end customers.

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