The 49th CIFF in Guangzhou

Motimac show MT series and WT series sanding machines for the audience and make sanding on site for 1008 times. It is said that Motimac brings up new technology for high-end furniture market and it is surprised!



Motimac MT series sanding machine is with 80-section segmented pad sanding block which is the top class technology even in Europe. It can completely solve the defects from traditional sanding, such as warping and deformation of the board, the edge of the board swelling from moisture after sawing, uneven color staining, uneven thickness of the board, dents caused by composite material filling, etc.


MT series sanding machine forms the sanding texture a straight-grain effect, while the wood grain texture is clear, nature and thorough.


“Technology, sanding machine, solutions” these are what we serve. Thanks for all friends, all customers. Thanks for your trust in Motimac. We hope we can continue to help and support as always. 

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