MOTIMAC went to South Carolina for technical training

In January 2020, Song Cheng, general manager of MOTIMAC, went to South Carolina, USA to conduct technical training and product debugging for customer Weihai  Adornus.

Weihai Adornus has cooperated with MOTIMAC for more than ten years, and has 10 MOTIMAC sanding machines in the Chinese factory. In 2019, due to the development needs of the group's business, it was decided to open a branch in the United States. In the planning and purchase stage of sanding equipment, after several internal discussions, as well as the comparison and analysis of the parameters of MOTIMAC and other  foreign brands of sanding equipment, in view of the experience of using MOTIMAC equipment in domestic factories in China and the after-sales service, the group finally decided to continue the cooperation with MOTIMAC for US brach. She purchased 11 MOTIMAC sanding equipment at one time, including fixed-thickness sand, fine sand, paint sand, and special-shaped sand. The performance of MOTIMAC sander is stable. With the continuous expansion of market demand, Weihai  Adornus's production capacity has increased to 20 containers per month.

During the more than ten years of cooperation between Weihai Adornus and MOTIMAC, if there is any problem, we came to site for after-sale as soon as possible. From a bolt and nut, to the entire sanding machine, we never drop any service. 

Customer satisfaction is MOTIMAC's corporate philosophy. With excellent product quality and wholehearted service, MOTIMAC is winning the favor of more and more domestic and foreign customers.

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