Furniture Manufacturers

Enterprise needs

Diversity of furniture structure.

Variety of wood species.

The per capita output value is low, while the hand sanding labor is high, and the quality demand is also high.

Improvement on output and quality.

Automate production.


There are many sanding processes, and the solid wood material suffered from deformed.

Uneven thickness of composite material, surface depression.

The sanding demand of wood stain is high, the articles are easy to be sanded through or partially omission. The repair rate is high.


Material thickness calibration: solid wood furniture WT planer sander + automatic flip machine + WT planer sander are connected in a line production to complete the thickness calibration.

Fine sanding before lacquering, and connect to the UV roller coating: WT belt fine sand + UV equipment + MT segmented pad sander line production. One single line completes both fine sanding and primer sanding.

Effectiveness and efficiency

Quality improved

A pass rate of sanding over 99%

Efficiency improved

A reasonable sanding process increases production capacity by more than 30%.

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