Gaoding/Wooden Door/Bathroom manufacturer

Enterprise needs

Sanding personnel is difficult to recruit, while the hand sanding greatly affects quality and efficiency. Improve quality, stabilize output, reduce rework, and automate production.


Diversity of wood base material and veneers

Plate deformation, uneven thickness.

MDF cut edge swelling from weather exposure


Base material thickness calibration: WT+SU realizes the top and bottom sanding connection, fulfills panel both sides thickness calibration at one time. Together with automatic loading and unloading, it realizes complete sanding connection.

Veneer sanding: FLMR brushing machine + MT segmented pad sander + automatic flip machine + FLMR brushing machine + MT segmented pad sander line. Realize the diversity of veneer sanding, and fulfill a variety of requirements (Italian light luxury semi-open effect, zigzag grain effect, ultra-matte, high gloss, etc.) with a pass rate of 99.9%. No hand sanding required.

Primer sanding: UV roller coating, spraying + MT segmented pad sander line production. Avoid primer edges get sanding penetration or omission on partial area.

Effectiveness and efficiency

Quality improvement

Machines replace labor to complete products with a pass rate of more than 99%.

Reduce staff and increase efficiency

Sanding equipment replaces more than 20 people out of 60 sanding workers, while the production efficiency is increased by 35% to 50%.

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