The CBD FAIR on July 8 has been a ceremony of the China Construction Industry since the epidemic.

MOTIMAC supplies solutions to the high-end furniture manufacturers with new technology sanding machines -- MT series and WT series. Italian light luxury, Italian zigzag effect, raw wood brushing effect, etc, these have been popular and fashionable. MOTIMAC analyze the brushing technology, supply sanding solutions exhaustively and help the home furnishing industry upgrading.

Technology, Machine, Solution These are the principle of our sales team to help the manufactures. What is their need? How to solve their problem? Do you know your products? What is your problem? Where is your next procedure? Step by step, we find the key and the answer and the way to future together.


The latest industrial news, the fashionable project, the comprehensive service … we MOTIMAC are ready for the new digital industry age.

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