3D Brush Sanders

3D Brush Sanders

Side heads able to sand in multiple angles

wood brushing machine/sand brush machine
Suitable for small factories grinding and polishing and home DIY

Model: FR365 / FR650


The edge and surface can be sanded at one time to improve production efficiency.

Professional sanding components can improve the sanding effect by 50%, and the ultra-long durability can reach 600 hours, which is more than three times that of other traditional configurations.



Technical Parameters

Technical DataFR650FR365
Max working length(mm)640 (25.2in)365 (14.4in)
Min. working length(mm)550 (21.6in)550 (21.6in)
Working thickness(mm)3-100 (0.12-4in)3-100 (0.12-4in)
Feeding Speed(m/min)3-17 (9.8-55.8ft/min)3-17 (9.8-55.8ft/min)
Total Power(kw)11.5 (15.5HP)6.5 (8.5HP)
Belt size(mm)1200X2726X1390 (47X137.3X54.7in)975X2745X1390 (38.4X108X54.7in)
Overall Dimensions(mm)1150 (2535 lb)960 (2116 lb)

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