Smart Brush Sanders

Smart Brush Sanders

Designed to sand both flat and profiled surfaces

brush sanding machine/wood brush sanding machine/metal wide belt sander

Model: P600-600 / P100-100 / P100
Suitable for small factory grinding and polishing and home DIY.
Suitable for wood and metal


◆ It can be used for flat sanding and special-shaped surface sanding

◆ Professional sanding components can improve the sanding effect by 50%, and the ultra-long durability can reach 600 hours, which is more than three times that of other traditional configurations.

◆ Simple and quick electric adjustment

◆ Sanding with two rollers at the same time reduces the production cost.

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Sanding pictures

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Technical Parameters

Technical DataP600-600P100-100P100
Rotation Speed100-450rpm100-450rpm100-450rpm
Total Power(kw)0.5510.5
Diameter of dust collector(mm)2xØ1202xØ1001xØ100
Overall Dimensions(mm)1820x820x11501700x1200x13951200x1200x1320
Net weight(kg)200235190

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