Standard Surface/Calibrate Sander

Standard Surface/Calibrate Sander

Suitable for all kinds of boards (solid wood, MDF, etc.) inorganic board (silicate cover plate, glass magnesium board, anti-doubling special board, etc.)
Used for surface sanding and surface fine sanding.


The application of standardized interface of the system facilitates the integration of information and the access of production line.

Equipped with a non-independent suspension ultra-thickness detection system (pressure roller + detection roller + synchronous connecting rod + detection switch + control system), the accuracy is as high as 0.2mm, avoid errors in ultra-thickness detection, avoid production line shutdown , and effectively protect the safety of human and machine.

The automatic lifting function of the sand roller can lift the sand roller quickly in the abnormal situation, protect the work piece and the sand roller.

Photoelectric control equipment which control vibrating of abrasive along center.  The frequency of swing of the sand belt is reduced to 6-10 times/min, to achieve the most natural sanding effect of the wood grain and reduce S lines.

Equipped with MBS processing and positioning system (brake motor + magnetic scale + ball screw + guiding device + control system), the repeat positioning accuracy is as high as 0.03mm, the processing accuracy is 0.08mm, and the accuracy is maintained for a long time

Equipped with HFC high-speed jet cleaning system to clean the workpiece, so that the surface of the workpiece after sanding is clean and flawless.

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Sanding effecf

WT KRC1300 before.jpg





Abrasive belt-2620mm

Prolong the service life of the belt.  

10'' touch display

Simple and intuitive, convenient and fast.

Siemens electrical components

Stable and reliable;  
Stronger Compatibility




Lifting system 

Adopts a built-in ball screw;  
Increated service life 10 times ;  
Increated precision 25 times. 

Double row chain sprocket

Military industrial enterprise produced;  
Increated service life 3 times ;
Wears less, high precision;

Opitbelt transmission belt

Installed with tapered sleeves  
Easy to disassemble, high balance, and avoid
vibration caused by pulleys.




German Conveyor belt

3 times friction than that of ordinary belts;
Not easy to warp or deform.

Energy-saving conveyor belt cleaning system 

Maintains the friction coefficient and sanding 
accuracy of the conveyor belt.

AirTAC air pressure protection device

Avoid sanding defects and damage to 
equipment caused by low air pressure.



Technical Parameters

Technical DataWT RRC1300WT RRC700WT RR700WT RR1300
Max working length(mm)13007007001300
Min. working length(mm)490390260280
Working thickness(mm)3-1503-1503-1503-150
Feeding Speed(m/min)5-245-225-22


Total Power(kw)84352265
Belt size(mm)1350x2620730x1900730x19001350x2620
Overall Dimensions(mm)2235x3050x26001580x2700x22201580x2240x22202235x2700x2600

Net Weight(kg)




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