Basic Wide Belt with Three Belt

Basic Wide Belt with Three Belt

Heavy duty, high precision for consistent sanding
Surface sanding machine/Calibrate sanding machine
Model: SR-R-RP1300 / SR-R-RP1000 / SR-R-RP700


Thickened high-strength fuselage, CAE optimized design and thermally stable steel structure

The weight can reach 5100kg

Platform + modular upgrade configuration

Sanding effect

SR-R-RP1300 before.jpg


20230317162343255 1.png

20230317162344459 2.png

SR-R-RP1300 (2).png

Siemens button  Workpiece thickness 

Taiwan microcomputer digital. Electric 

adjustment,precise and stable.

CE standards Siemens Electric 

Safe, reliable, high-quality, with 

overload protection function .

Integrated structure of roller and pulley

Stable operation and high precision.Built-in

 bearing with 5year maintenance free.

SR-R-RP1300 (4).png

SR-R-RP1300 (5).png

SR-R-RP1300 (6).png


Pepperl+Fuchs photoelectric

Taiwan lifting ball screw

Accuracy 0.008mm

Positioning accuracy 0.03mm

Reciprocating accuracy 0.005mm

Abrasive belt automatic centering

Convenient adjustment, quick and 

easy to understand, strong stability.

SR-R-RP1300 (7).png

Motor protection level: 

IP54 dustproof



Technical Parameters

Technical DataSR-RP1300SR-RP1000SR-RP700
Max working length(mm)13001000700
Min. working length(mm)580580580
Working thickness(mm)3-1103-1103-110
Feeding Speed(m/min)5-305-305-30
Total Power(kw)836448
Belt size(mm)1330x22001030x2200730x2200
Overall Dimensions(mm)2040x3060x21801740x3060x21801430x3060x2180
Net Weight(kg)510044003700

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