American cabinet manufacturers

Enterprise needs

Sanding personnel is difficult to recruit. In the meantime big numbers of hand sanding workers differentiated quality and lowered efficiency. Improvement on output and quality is critical. Automate production.


High volume of production

High quality demand on sanding. A combination of flat panel and profile geometry. High volume, multiple production processes, and low efficiency from hand sanding.


Base material thickness calibration: WT+SU realizes the top and bottom sanding connection, fulfills panel both sides thickness calibration at one time. Integrate of automatic loading and unloading equipment to minimize manual handling.

Sanding before painting: WT+FHDR belt fine sanding and brush sander are connected for complete sanding work. 

Primer sanding: WT+FHDR primer sander and brush sander are connected for complete sanding work.

Effectiveness and efficiency

Less worker but efficiency improved

Monthly productivity can be increased 2 times even on the same condition of 20 workers. 

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