Calcium silicate board/SPC/WPC/Composite board

Enterprise needs

Automatic production line, informatization, intelligence, easy operation, and low failure rate of equipment under high production capacity.

The combination of thickness calibration sander, belt fine sander and primer sander in line connection with high precision control and flatness


Panels are in high density and high hardness. Also high speed of production processing is required. 

High demand of flatness under high-speed sanding.

The surface must be ready for printing after primer sanding.

Achieve high level of intelligent control. Meaning total control + data statistics function.


WT thickness calibration sander and double-end milling machine in line connection: It provides the function of line connection, total control, intelligent connection, information transmission, and provides timing reminders for wearing parts.

The upper and lower double sided sanding lines of WT+SU realize thickness calibration, achieve the accuracy within 0.10mm tolerance.

WT series and MT series are connectable to form line production from precision sanding to primer sanding.

Effectiveness and efficiency

Cost savings

The line connection of precision sanders saves more than 20% of the primer filling amount. The automated production line can be operated by one person only. The mode operation is quickly switched and handled. Reduce labor by 3-4 people and the management costs are also lowed. 

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