"6S" management system:

"sort, set, shine, standardize, sustain and safety" .  6S management improves the overall efficiency, create a nice business environment, and re-shape the image of the team, so as to ensure that the products are satisfactory to the users, improve their operating efficiency, and achieve a "win-win".

6S现场管理 (1).jpg6S现场管理 (2).jpg

Beginning in 2014, MOTIMAC has carried out 6S management throughout the plant, implementing standardized management regulations in all aspects from the office to warehousing, workshops.


MOTIMAC will continue to advance lean management in depth and breadth, and let the lean management concept penetrate into the hearts of employees,. Continuously exercise internal strength, empower and improve. MOTIMAC implements 6S lean management to promote the company's high-quality, efficient, sustainable and healthy development.

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