【Glad Tidings】New Technology Breakthrough


Motimac MT-keris Segmented Pad Sanding series has been certified by the local government as The First Set of 80-section Segmented Pad Sander in China. Recognized that MT-keris Segmented Pad Sanding series has reached the international level. 

It adopts advanced Italian technology for all customers with high- end customization needs. Equipped with EP intelligent electronic segmented control 80-section sanding pillow module,  the sanding quality can reach the effect of high light skin feeling.


The 80-section segmented pad sanding block completely solves the defects from traditional sanding ( defects such as: warping and deformation of the board, the edge of the board swelling from moisture after sawing, uneven color staining, uneven thickness of the board, dents caused by composite material filling, etc.). It forms the sanding texture a straight-grain effect, while the wood grain texture is clear, natural and thorough.

MT-keris is widely used in polishing in the industrial and technological fields. The "super matte" high light "skin feel" wood veneer effect of the high-end customization industry can be easily achieved by MT-keris polishing. It was born for the "high-definition" market. Its high precision, high stability, and its grasp of forward looking technology and demand will open a new chapter in the sanding industry. 


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