[Xiao Nian] "Tasty but dumplings",

1. You should make dumplings in the first year

On February 4, 2021, we ushered in the new year. For Xiao Nian, eating dumplings is not only a tradition, but also a good expectation for the coming new year. Regardless of whether you can go home or not during the New Year, the New Year flavor cannot be discounted. On the day of the new year, our motimac family members made a lively meal of dumplings together.

Making noodles, mixing stuffing, rolling skins, and making dumplings, everyone showed their strengths and enjoyed it. Talking freely about the customs and interesting things in my hometown, and experiencing the strong flavor and solar terms. The scene was full of laughter and joy. After a short while, rows of dumplings were packed.


2. Dumpling flavor, new year flavor

"Dumplings are not delicious, so you might as well lie down while standing. The dumplings are cooked, everyone come and taste them!" Although some employees cannot go back to their hometown for the New Year this year, the warmth we are together gives everyone a sense of belonging. . Chinese New Year on the spot does not mean that you have to celebrate the New Year. Here we feel the strong flavor of the New Year and the joy of being together!

The steaming dumplings dispelled the winter cold and warmed each of us. Laughter filled with the fragrance of dumplings and happiness: Isn’t this just the taste of a family together?


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