After sales service in Thailand

Quality is the core element that connects Motimac with customers. Motimac not only penetrates quality into every detail of the sanding machine, but also provide high-quality services to every customers. Maybe sales have validity, but service never stops.

On November 6, 2023, Motimac's engineer Mr. Ke  went to Thailand for after-sales services such as new equipment debugging, training ,guidance , and maintenance . 

What the customer purchased this time is a WT series sanding machine,it is Platform + modular design , a product of the era withintelligent manufacturing and process upgrade! This sander combined with Motimac's S3 series calibration sanders and S6 series brush sanders, can basically solve all the sanding problems. In addition to these equipment, there is also a container sandiers being shipped to this factory in Thailand. As their production manager said : Motimac's sanders improve product quality 、output, reduced labor usage and scrap rate,  saved 20% of primer filling volume.

Motimac is not just a sanding machine manufacturer, we focuses on the entire woodworking industry to provide more complete and market-friendly sanding technology and perfect service to our customers.

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