Off to Cambodia

Since March in 2019, most furniture manufacturers built new factories in Cambodia because of the intense international trade relationship.  Cabinet is very popular in the market due to the simple design and practicality.

Polishing sanding machine is the key to the finish sanding, such as the feeling of the surface and the high-gloss sanding. Therefore most sanding machine manufacturers are working on this end. However, it needs not only the ability of planning the whole production line but also the machine quality--- the precision especially after 20days transportation on the sea.

In 2021 YongHua factory expands to meet the increased daily productivity. He met many suppliers of sanding machine, and finally chose Motimac. Before this, Motimac had taken part into many cabinet projects, like the Mexico Jialin Cabinet project, the US. Adornus cabinet project etc.  Motimac is experienced and provides timely service and technology training.


The production line of the Yonghua factory requires automation and smooth connection, especially in the highly assembly line operation, which requires the connection configuration of the equipment. Motimac sanding machine is equipped with MME control system, which can realize seamless connection between production line and MES and other intelligent control systems, and can also achieve fast and stable integration speed, which greatly meets customer needs.


Motimac set up a team including the sales department and the technical department, thoroughly discussed with the client. It took 3 months to finalize the final project plan. The whole project includes the upper and underside sanding machine, the 3D sanding machine, and the UV roller coating lacquer sanding machine. Totally there are 34 sets sanding machine.

In March 2022, motimac sanding machines was fully loaded within 10 containers, and delivered to Cambodia.

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