The year of Tiger

Motimac has come to a new stage while the year of Tiger is upcoming. This year, Motimac is stepping into informatization, digitizing in terms of management and production. 

For the past year, what we have learned and gained?


MT-KERIS series is marked into the history of 2021 in the industry of wood machinery in China

In March,2021 MT-KERIS is faced to the market with its new out-looking and new technology. Three years ago, Motimac had started the learning journey in Italy and spent the following 3 years on research and test. Either the spare parts or the technology can meet the international sanding standard, and also it is the icon of Chinese segmented pad wide belt sanding standard. 

On 21st, January, in "Nearly 100 Work Results, Recorded in 2021 China's Forestry Machinery Industry Events" China's forestry machinery industry reported: On March 28, Qingdao MOTIMAC Wood Machinery Co., Ltd. MT TRHG1300, MT TRHG1300  segmented pad sanding machine was officially launched on the market. In April, the company was recognized as a "specialized, refined, and new" enterprise in Qingdao, which is a high recognition of the industry for Motimac and a verification of the strength of the enterprise.

Our new staff:Mike

On the first day of 2022, Motimac new staff Mike walks to us, a young boy,20 years old. 

Mike he has an industrial brain, storing all stories of Motimac for 20years. He knows all our sanding machinery models, technical references, and functions. He can cumulated all the data of the models thus he can be well prepared for the upgraded with numerous numbers because his brain can be accessed into the international network by the Ethernet TCP/IP protocol. 

Motimac dress up Mike with digital and intelligent equipment. 

Motimac is stepping into the new world of internet. 

Motimac is looking forward to work with you, from everywhere of the world.  


Hiking by the sea

The sales team are always running. On 13rd ,Feb, Motimac has a hiking by the say. They start from the main “port””Zhanqiao Pier”to May 4th Square. Totally 20kilometers. 

On the sea, we can see many seagull from Siberian. They fly to QingDao for the winter and fly back when the spring is coming. 

Hiking by the sea

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