Why chose Motimac?

In 2018, Motimac worked with Italian Tagliabue on the segmented pad—80 sectors. From this minute, Motimac sanding technology turns on a new page.

In 2019, Motimac took part in the Hannover exhibition with a 3D brush sander FHDR1300. Its finish sanding, configuration, and PRICE were all 100% approved.


Motimac is made in China but why is so popular in the European market.

Why do those clients who chose European brand machines now intend to use Motimac machines?


The sanding machine structure is not complex. But how to make a machine keep the sanding precision and sanding effect as always for decades? This is the point.

A nice sanding machine needs a better steel frame, best-performing spare parts, an optimized combination, etc. We pay attention to every detail, even a screw, and the final machine can be made in better quality, in a lifetime usage.


In October 2022, Motimac successively received orders from customers in Europe, America, Southeast Asia, and southern China.

  • European client placed 12 sets, calibrating sanding machine. SR-RP700+SR-RP1000

  • American client placed 6 sets, calibrating sanding machine and brush sanders. SR-RP1300+FLMR1300

  • Southeast Asia client placed 8 sets. Lacquer sanding machines. SFR-R1300VH

  • Southern of china client placed 6 sets.  Lacquer sanding machines. SFR-R1300VH

In the past, most European customers and American customers purchased European-brand sanding machines. But this time they chose Motimac. They said that Motimac is comparable to them in terms of appearance and equipment performance, and even better in some configurations. But Motimac price is much better.


In a few days, We received orders with 32sets, most of them with higher requirements, and are exported.  Lead time is tight. In order to deliver on time, the production department plans in advance, strengthens the coordination of relevant parties such as transportation and forwarder, speeds up the connection of operations, and finally delivered successively.

Our ERP system plays an important role during this operation.

The launch of our ERP system in 2021 indicates that Motimac has entered the stage of informatization from a traditional heavy equipment manufacturing enterprise, and will continue to accelerate the pace of digitalization. Walking into the workshop, everyone performs their own duties, and the production is carried out in an orderly manner. The finished product area is ready, and the semi-finished product area is assembled and tested orderly. Informatization enables us to have the capacity to finish and deliver a couple of orders in a short time.


With the rise of Chinese manufacturing, MADA IN CHINA is no longer just a representative of low prices, but also a synonym for high quality and better price. Now the MOTIMAC brand meets the challenges of the world with high-level research and development and a pragmatic spirit.



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