CBD Fair 2023 Guangzhou

MOTIMAC participated the CBD Fair 2023 in Guangzhou China during July 7 to July 12 , (booth numbers 10.1-11). CBD Fair is the largest fair related to building decoration in Asia.


In this fair, MOTIMAC demonstrated a number of innovative technologies, including 80 sections Segmented Pad sander machine and complete sanding solution. In the future, we will continue to rely on our own advantages in scientific research, development and innovation to develop and improve more production solutions, stand at the forefront of the industry, and create a better future for woodworking machinery.

MOTIMAC focuses on the themes of sustainable development and environmental protection. In addition to manufacturing efficient and stable equipment, we also pay great attention to the efficient utilization of raw materials such as plates and the sustainability of production processes. To achieve the strategic goal of " Carbon Offset", MOTIMAC has proposed overall sanding solutions such as energy conservation and consumption reduction. At the same time, MOTIMAC has passed major certifications such as "Green Factory"


The 4-day Exhibition has come to a successful conclusion. Sincerely thank every friend for meeting us and looking forward to our win-win cooperation!


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