The 53rd INTERZUM (Guangzhou)


MOTIMAC showed its star products: segmented pad sanding machine(piano sander), high-gloss sanding machine, and brush machine.

 In just 4 days, whether it was the new product display of MOTIMAC, or the on-site design, signing, explanation, reception, etc., it left a deep impression on the visitors.

 01Popular products

 Many customers came to the booth who want to source a machines for the high-end market products. Nearly 20 contracts were signed on the spot, and more than 1,000 domestic and foreign customers came, feeling the strong cooperation intention of a large number of visiting customers.


 The customer said: We have been growing with MOTIMAC, and we are very much looking forward to cooperating with them on the product portfolio of this exhibition!

 A partner said: The MOTIMAC brand has a huge influence in China. We have cooperated for many years and are very confident about the future.

The media said: MOTIMAC booth displayed the latest product portfolio and represented the trend of the industry. The booth attracted a lot of attention and the whole atmosphere was very good.


 02Brand strength is unstoppable

 According to the development trend of the industry, MOTIMAC launched a star product portfolio, allowing users to experience more closely the infinite possibilities of sanding in high-end and popular fields. During the on-site demonstration, customers felt the genes of high-end customization from the touch and craftsmanship details.


 03 Customer approval, on-site signing

 The most beautiful scene at the booth was the on-site signing ceremony. With a keen sense of the market, many high-end companies locked onto MOTIMAC segmented sanding machine on site.At the same time, agents from many countries expressed a high degree of cooperation intention, and 7 new foreign agents were signed the contracts during the exhibition.


 04 The all-round sanding king, the focus of strength

 The star product, the segmented sanding machine, has an iteratively upgraded full servo drive system motor, an 80-pads European highest standard sanding module, a 400-point high-precision electronic scanning sensor, and high-speed computing industrial control technology for fiber optic transmission.


The exhibition has come to an end, but the excitement continues. I sincerely thank every friend who came to the booth. MOTIMAC will never stop and look forward to seeing you next time!



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